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custom editorial and political cartoons



Need a particular editorial or political cartoon? I have been a professional cartoonist for many years. I was also a professional ‘resident’ cartoonist for APN. I understand the workings of a news room and sat in morning editorial meetings daily. I understand the process and timing of an editorial floor and the pressure that comes with it. I know an editor doesn’t want a editorial cartoon on-time, they want it before time, so there’s room for alterations and peace of mind to focus on one of the multitude of other things not going to plan.

My work as cartoonist for the Japan Times is remotely. Thus, I am experienced and ready to deal with updating myself on your story and producing a professional editorial cartoon in a timely fashion. More than often, I am given my first heads up on a required editorial cartoon the day prior to print. On several occasions I’ve been given just hours notice to produce something that will go to print that day. And, I’ve never failed.

I can create a new political cartoon, editorial cartoon, social issue cartoon, or just a general funny cartoon from scratch. Usually around $100 (If I’m given a day or two notice). Or I can rework one of my existing cartoons for around half of that.

I can produce full colour political cartoons, like you see throughout my site here, or I can do traditional black and white cartoons. If you choose a traditional black and white editorial cartoon, the original can be purchased for an additional $100. (Including Postage).

Need a professional editorial cartoon or political cartoon? Contact me here.

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